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Rimpi is an old gal with a sad history. She spent 10 years on the road, scraping and surviving. At the age of 7, she was hit by a car which broke one of her legs. She had no one to care for her, so it fused on backwards and she couldn't use the leg any more. For three years she struggled on like that, until we saw her while we were running errands. We brought her in and fixed the leg - amazingly at her age, it healed perfectly! We didn't have it in our hearts to release her though. She is gentle and loving, and very quiet. She isn't pushy and doesn't demand attention, she just sits by your side and basks in your presence. We even tried to adopt her ourselves, but she is so gentle that our current dogs kept beating her up. Rimpi wants a quiet place where she can get walked once or twice a day, and nap the rest of the time. She gets along with other dogs, but would prefer calmer dogs in her household - and she isn't a fan of young puppies. Do you think Rimps is the one for you?