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Bhoot - In Minneapolis

This cutie can even put Casper to shame! ("Bhoot" is Hindi for Ghost :D) This little guy was brought to us by some folks who found him freezing in the middle of nowhere. Winters here can be brutal, so you can only imagine how this pupper felt - alone, cold and confused. He was covered in fleas and lice, a problem which was fixed easily with some neem oil. But we then noticed him limping, and later after his X-Ray reports we got to know that he even had a fracture. After some time with a cast, his leg is all healed up! He is friendly, energetic and oh so cute :D Bhoot has even started learning some basic obedience and is doing really well. While he is safe for now, that doesn't solve his problems. Now he needs a forever family who can love him and give a second chance at a happy life. Are you the one?