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Teddy came to us after being hit by a motorbike. He healed fine and is a lovely, active floof....but months and months later he is still here. He is adorable (hence, Teddy bear!) and sweet as can be. He gets along well with other dogs once he gets past the first greeting (which - I will admit - can be a bit rough), he is best friends with a new dog after a 3 minute stroll down the road. We've started working on basic training with him and he LOVES it. Anytime he sees the training treat pouch, he can't contain his excitement. We are so impressed with how far he has come in just the past month with all of his tricks. You can tell that he is a smart dog with lots of energy who is thrilled to put his mind to work learning new commands. He is energetic and bright, and would love an active lifestyle. Do you have room in your life for Mr. Teddy?