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Chunnu - In San Francisco

Chunnu is traveling to Rocket Dog Rescue in San Francisco on August 16th. If you are interested in adopting, please contact them directly at: ------------------------------------ Chunnu (also known as "Toady") is absolutely hilarious. She loves people, and quickly warms up to new dogs. She loves to cuddle all day long, and Chunnu likes to use other dogs as a sofa! She has the funniest little singing bark at dinnertime, and always likes to be at the front of the pack on walks. She cracks us up because she looks like a little compact ball of muscle and she's always making the cutest piggy noises when she's excited. Chunnu is really affectionate with humans and will always be ready for a good snuggle session. She and her brother Munnu were dumped away from their mother as tiny pups, now they need a forever home...together!