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Meet Phoenix, a young puppy who has risen from the ashes. She has only been on earth for four short months or so, but already she has been through hell. She was found abandoned on the road with no fur, sores on her skin, and she was terrified of humans. Oddly enough she was wearing a crystal collar, which makes us think she was someone's pet at some point. Perhaps what happened is that her 'family' wanted her when she was healthy and had beautiful fur, but as soon as she caught a (easily treatable) case of mange, they kicked her to the curb. Naturally Phoenix has some trust issues now...she takes much more time to warm up to people. We are working with her each day to make sure she understands that we are here to help her not hurt her, and that we won't abandon her. She gets two medicated shampoo baths per week, and already her skin and fur is improving! Phoenix will need an adopter who understands shy dogs and how to encourage courage and confidence. At this point she isn't a dog who will come running up to you wagging and asking for pets. Although we hope that with some time, patience, and positive reinforcement she will blossom into that dog one day!! Do you have room in your heart for a dog who has had her heart broken? Can you help her move past her dark past and into the light? We want to see Phoenix enjoy her puppyhood in the comfort and safety of a real home!