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Zara - In Delhi

Zara is so tiny, she fits in the palm of your hand, she came to us at only 2 weeks old. This poor girl was separated from her mother somehow and a nice person found her and brought her to us. We wish she could have been raised by her own mother, but we are trying our best to make her feel safe and comforted. At this young of an age, Zara requires bottle feeding every few hours, which will need to continue until she is around 1.5 months or so. She has a beautiful cream and caramel colored coat and will grow up to be a gorgeous kitty! We are hoping someone would like to foster or better yet-adopt Zara sooner rather than later because she deserves more than what we can give her in a shelter environment. Raising a cat from this young of an age is extremely rewarding and every developmental milestone they hit is exciting!!! Zara would love to meet you, do you have room in your heart for a tiny fluffy kitten?