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Hazel has had a rough first few months of life. She was hit by a car which fractured her leg. Luckily, an animal rescuer in her area picked her up, and took her to another rescue nearby. They said they would keep her and find a home for her, but unfortunately after 2 months of recovering they told the original rescuer to take her back. Hazel has a slight limp from her maljoined fracture, which would slow her down on the street. Plus, after 2 months of puppyhood cared for by humans, she no longer has the skills to live on the road. Her original rescuer was desperate for a solution, so she called us and asked if we could find her a home. Hazel is very sweet and loves people. She is a little nervous with new dogs (the cuts on her ears and face tell us she was probably picked on at the other rescue) but will warm up with time. She loves attention, and follows humans along the fence in hope of cuddles! She is a sweetie who deserves to have a happy ending!