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Babe is a Pakistani Bully who was abandoned on the streets of Ranital, Himachal Pradesh. Our team rescued him and brought him to the clinic. He had a deep wound on his shoulder which was infested by huge maggots, he was malnourished , had swollen paws, and his skin was severely inflamed because of demodectic mange. But with treatments, regular cleaning, painkiller shots, antibiotics, and lots of love, we have watched him come out of his shell! This sweet boy has started to wag his tail! He now goes for long walks with us and eats ALL the treats happily. He is fully house trained and is a great walking buddy. :D He is such a cutie that we HAD to name him 'Babe'. He is a loving doggo who wants nothing but love from you ! Babe still needs a little more time to get better. His maggot wound is completely healed but his skin condition needs some extra care which is being given to him. He’s a sweetheart who just wants to hunt Choo Choo down someday! :P Click "SPONSOR" to support him and hit the "ADOPT" button to bring him home. :)