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Yoyo is so sweet and loving even after everything she has gone through! When she was a tiny puppy on the streets of India, a drunk man threw her off a building and broke her spine. This paralysed her back half completely. After being left on the road like this for a long time, she was rescued, but was bounced from foster to foster and ended up back on the road before her rescuers called us and asked for help. She is a quiet, thoughtful girl who takes a little bit of time to trust you, but once she knows you she will cuddle and happily eat ALL the treats! She is looking for a caring and quiet home, with people who will be able to take care of her special needs. She requires a wheelchair to be mobile outdoors, but she is young and strong has adapted to hers quickly. She also currently requires a diaper indoors, but with physical therapy and supplements we have seen some improvement which we hope will continue!