Mia is a little old lady who has lived her whole life on the streets. She's had to fight to survive since she was a puppy. Mia recently found herself at Peepal Farm because she had a huge gaping wound on her side. It had been infested with maggots and there was nothing she could do about it since she couldn't reach it to keep it clean herself. Luckily a nice person called and we picked her up. She's been with us since the beginning of June and she has been healing really nicely! When Mia first arrived she was confused and a little shut down, due to her new surroundings. But after a week or so, we think she realized that we were here to help her and we started to get some shy tail wags. With the help of some yummy biscuits and patience, now Mia leads us on leash around the farm, exploring, smelling flowers, and asking for pets. It's really beautiful to see her blossom as she begins to heal and feel better. And we know she is feeling a lot better because she has become the monkey patrol, barking and warning us of our monkey's whereabouts. Mia still has a lot of love and life to give and she deserves to live out her golden years in the safety of a loving home. We really don't want to have to release her back to the streets. Could you foster or adopt sweet Mia and give her a second chance at life??