Bhuru has been through a lot...supposedly he was a pet, but his owners did not take very good care of him. So much so that he has been checked in to Peepal Farm for treatment twice in the last year for terrible maggot wounds. (maggot wounds are extremely preventable which means his family did not seek care until Bhuru was in a shocking condition) Most recently he was brought here because maggots had eaten the flesh surrounding his ear, it was a really nasty sight and he was in a lot of pain. But this guy handled it like a champ and even wagged his tail during treatments. Bhuru is a refined gentleman. He is humble, calm, steady, and keeps his cool in all situations. He is a beautiful, big brindle-coated ball of floof and we love him. We really want to see this guy find a loving home and to find a family that will actually protect and take care of him. There is a chance that Bhuru will be released back to the streets if he does not find a home soon as we cannot house him here for too much longer. Do you have space in your heart for a big lug like Bhuru??